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List of Services by Better Nature

Tree and Plant Health Care

Tree Evaluation - If we can save it we will!

Plant and tree health care based on plant ecology -  pest management,

soil and lawn care,

tree pruning,

fertilization, and

consultation of large forested areas, are just a few of our talents!




Beautiful Landscape

Soil Health

Soil testing

and analysis to maximize soil quality and health.  Quality refers to the physiochemical characteristics of the soil like pH and compactness.  The health is about the biology.  We can help turn poor soils into vibrant, self-sustaining systems.  Good for your wallet and the environment!

Curvy Tree Road

Edible & Learning Gardens

Design, installation, and management of edible gardens for individuals and families.

Design, installation, and management of edible and/or learning gardens for public and private entities.

Want to make your food paradise but need a little help - call Better Nature!

ISA Certified Arborist SO-10099A