Better Nature is Becoming  NonProfit
BN is becoming Better Nature Solutions or, possibly Canopies of Love!

BNS, with your help, is becoming a nonprofit (NP) to serve the larger community.  By increasing the diversity of skilled people in the horticulture and arboriculture industry in Knoxville, TN, WE will also increase biodiversity conservation.  Hiring interns from under-represented and formerly incarcerated community members will build a skilled and diverse workforce.  This workforce will be trained in the horticultural and tree sciences, using science-based best-practices to maximize biodiversity conservation in our urban forests and landscapes.  This is a win-win-win!  By paying a living wage and utilizing a horizontal payscale (not a top-heavy one), we will help create jobs, beautiful landscapes, and healthy trees.  Better Nature Solutions internships will lead to full-time, well-compensated employment and hopefully, in the very near-term, new business owners whose voices help empower a future of equitible incomes and ecosystem service distribution. 

As a plant  scientist and Certified Arborist I fell in love with plants and nature.  Through education and research, I learned about the beauty and abundnace of mutualistic interactions in nature without which our societies would not exist.  Nature can be red-in-tooth-and-claw but more often than not she is mutualistic.

As a business owner I have been part of a growing group of people using ecology to help save trees and build biodiversity rich gardens and yards.  Now is the time to expand diversity in another space!

It has been a wonderful blessing to meet and work with people from Baltimore and Knoxville who know and love nature.  I've shared knolwedge and learned from these clients and it has been rewarding.  As an educator in the arboriculture industry, I have been fortunate to meet and learn from people all over the US.  What I have also learned in the process is there are opportunities to increase the diversity of who works in this industry and who owns these businesses.  By increasing the diversity of voices engaged, we can better conserve biodiversity through equitable distribution and conservaiton of environmental resources. 

If you want to get involved - please reach out to me.  The more knowledge and passion and energy - the better (Better Natures Unite).

Better Nature Solutions Non-profit is in the nascent stages, seeking board members,  mentors, and funding.  Please stay tuned for the upcoming crowdfunding opportunity.  Happy Gardening!

Better Nature
Plant & Tree Care for People Who Love the Birds & the Bees

ISA Certified Arborist SO-10099A

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