List of Services by Better Nature

On-Site Consulation

This includes a 60-minute visit to diagnose the specific issue(s) in tree care, as well as recommendations for soil and overall landscape care.  The customer does not need to be present.  Scheduling at the plant doctor’s convenience. 

Scheduling in Knoxville TN area is available in December as well as mid Spring to late Summer and in Baltimore MD area – availability is from Autumn through early Spring.

Payment is due when the appointment is scheduled. Cost is $120 per hour for visit, and if a report and DIY protocol are requested the cost is $100/hour.

Lab Tests for Plants and Soil

Better Nature now offers complete soil analysis for a suite of qualitative characteristics (see attached pdf).  Plant pathology is also offered and plant nutrient analysis.  You must contact me prior to sending samples so I can give you instructions on how to bag and mail the samples to ensure the best analysis.  Feel free to call or email.  Calls will be answered with in 48 hours.  Email within 36 hours. Cost is based on analysis and time involved - contact for pricing. 

Off-Site Consultation

Includes a 30-minute phone or Skype consultation for tree care as well as recommendations for soil and overall landscape care. 

In preparation for the consult, customers should provide photos, a soil sample and/or damaged plant material. When needed, consultation requires the following:

  • Photos of plants must include the entire plant in the landscape, close of up damaged leaves, stems, roots.

  • Damaged plant materials, when possible, must be mailed to Better Nature along with a soil sample. 

  • How to collect and mail these samples is included at the bottom of the Soil and Plant Analysis page. 


Payment is due when the appointment is scheduled. Cost is $100 per hour virtual meeting.   Reports cost is $100/hour and DIY protocol costs are based on the recipe/protocol being provided.

Grubs and Japanese Beetle DIY

When you treat the grubs eating plants in the spring or plant roots in the winter, depends on what insect that grub turns into, how damaging is it (can plants actually tolerate it and there's no need to treat), and the life-cycle of the grub.


I can design a DIY protocol to treat the grubs bugging you (get it - bugging you).  This includes a 2-year treatment to reduce Japanese Beetle populations.  

DIY Protocols to Save Your Trees!

I provide customized DIY protocols to treat the insect and microbe pests in your yard.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Dogwood Decline

  • Emerald Ash Borer

  • Oak Decline

  • Azalea and Rhododendron Issues

  • Flea and tick (pet, child and bird-friendly mix)

  • Soil Improvement Recipes

  • Pathology Identification and

  • Pest Identification (bugs)

  • Native Plant Palettes Specific to your soils and aesthetic

Winter Care of your Trees and Soils

Winter is the perfect time of year to prune and shape your trees for healthy strong limbs that resist breakage as well as creating beautiful small and large trees.

Organic Soil Solutions

East TN soils are characterized by high clay and high pH which can lead to nutrient deficits and poor plant vitality and resistance to pests. While MD has a great soil substrate that's often heavily polluted by urban water runoff (full of oil, fuels, etc).


Using biologically living soil additives, your soils can be fertilized to last a lifetime. Using a combination of certain soil microbes and garden plants, the nasty metals that can accumulate in urban soils can be removed/broken-down. 

Integrated Pest Management

  • Integrated Pest Management plans to help you increase diversity and reduce the cost of pesticide and fertilizer applications

    • These can include protocols specific to the issues you’re experiencing

    • For trees requiring antibiotics or antifungals – our Plant Doctor will provide those treatments

    • When root surgery is needed the Plant doctor will provide this service which includes the addition of a microbial and organic fertilizer mixture to increase plant resistance to diseases and stimulate root growth

Full List of Services

  • Plant/tree identification and plant inventories 

  • Diagnosis of plant (and tree) problems

  • Pest identification and  methods of control

  • Advice on yard and gardening maintenance

  • Pruning and shaping instructions for health and beauty

  • Suggested plant lists with pricing, specific for your property and goals

  • Sketches for plant placement and general design

  •  ‘Firescaping’ – suggested plants and general layout

  • Irrigation troubleshooting and “how-tos”

  • Backyard habitat evaluation & advice – attraction and “good riddance” . . . birds & more

  • General water conservation recommendations

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More INFO and DIY videos via youtube include:

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3.  Smart pest management means when, what, and how to apply insecticides to save pollinators!


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