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Neem can be applied as a non-toxic insecticide that disrupts the growth of some insects and causes others to avoid eating plant tissues made bitter by the neem.  It is also an excellent full-spectrum fertilizer, replete with minerals.  Added to the soil in ‘cake’ form it repels root feeding pests and grubs. A derivative of Neem, high concentrated chemical is an organic solution having low toxicity to everything, except amphibians.  Application at the right time, frequency, and amount is critical for success.

There are a number of organic and synthetic treatments for nearly every pest inhabiting eastern TN.  Working with you, Better Nature will develop a strategy to treat your plants and match your values!  Some people want a completely organic solution, while others might opt for a hybrid approach.  Annual treatment plans allow us to create a solution that fits your aesthetic goals, values, and budget.

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