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Plant Health Care (PHC) is a year-round, proactive treatment addressing the needs of your trees, shrubs, soils, and landscape. The goal is to increase longevity and vibrancy of your trees and shrubs and reduce treatments over the long-term.  This is achieved through a truly unique, comprehensive, preventative approach that involves treating soils and plants, training trees and shrubs to grow into healthy, strong plants, and addressing any novel pests that have moved into the East TN area. My goal is to reduce the amount of synthetics that needed to be added to landscapes.  It saves us all in the long-run.  

As a trained plant ecologist, certified arborist, and tree-hugger with an education in urban forestry, I will visit your property to assess potential issues, scout for insect and disease activity, and develop a protocol accordingly.  Any urgent issues will be addressed immediately and a long-term plan is available to my clients.


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