BEE BLITZ 2021 - BN is hosting a Buzzing Good Time!

February 27th from 9am to 11am (tentatively), get your PPE, your iNaturalist (an app for your phone), sunscreen, water, and snacks and get on out into the world of SPRING! It's time to record (photograph) as many bees as you can in a two hour period.

Make sure you download and register for the iNaturalist app before you head out. Better Nature's Team will have several sites to recommend and where you can get PPE if you forgot any. Stay tunes for the locations you can Bee Blitz as a safely distanced community, outdoors.

The data you record on iNaturalist is made available to scientists, bee keepers, and naturalist to use to understand what is happening to our bee diversity so we can better save the 100s of species of solitary and communal bees keeping our world flowering.

More info is available in the word doc link below. As always - contact me with questions or concerns. Email will give you the fastest response.


A Bee Blitz Annc
Download DOCX • 10.02MB

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