Better Nature Solutions SERVES

Hi all,

BN LLC is going away being replaced by BNS the nonprofit. Our mission:

Increasing economic opportunities (and thereby equity) for refugees and formerly incarcerated women, Better Nature Solutions (BNS) will improve the local economy of Knoxville TN.As a plant-care industry, BNS will shift the paradigm in landscape and tree care by reducing pesticide and petrol usage thereby increasing biodiversity.This leads to a healthier Knoxville.

We hope you'll agree is a noble/doable mission for the local economy and conservation of the beautiful indigenous biodiversity we enjoy here in Eastern TN. We have been so fortunate to get pre-nonprofit (no tax refunds) financial support through a GoFundMe campaign, allowing us to 1) apply for nonprofit status with the State, 2) apply for nonprofit status federally, 3) join the Alliance for Better Non Profits. The abundant help from UTK has been invaluable along with your support (monetary and encouragement). We've had such amazing conversations and guidance from Knoxville nonprofits.

We need a few more dollars to support grant writing goals as our paperwork is finalized with the State and Feds. If you have the ability to donate please go to:

If you have the desire to join our Board, please contact me through We need people with expertise in accounting, legal services, social work, job training, marketing and advertising, funding outreach, networking, etc.

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