Death by a Thousand Cuts

This is close to what is happening to Black Walnut trees. Not everyone's favorite landscape plant but for those who love hiking in the gorgeous mountains surrounding Knoxville, the black walnut is an integral part of that beauty.

Treat NOW~!! If you have a thriving walnut then you can treat it and possibly inoculate it to prevent it being colonized by the beetles that carry the disease. Yes, this is another beetle-transmitted disease. There is evidence in the latest research that insecticide treatments can reduce beetle infestations, possibly prevent them, and save the trees. That's why I am recommend treating now, while you're trees are healthy.

Knox, Anderson, Blount, Jefferson, Loudon and other counties are under quanranteen since 2010 to stop the movement of walnut products into and out of the counties as a way to reduce the spread of the beetle and the disease it carries. This means don't carry any walnut firewood off your property; don't cross county or state borders with it.

What if your tree has the disease????

Sadly, there is only one remedy (presently) for the black walnut if they do have a 1000 canker disease and that is to cut it down and destroy the wood.

Signs of the disease include:

wilting leaves and dying stems in the summer,

identification of the walnut twig beetles by an expert.

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