Gift Boxes for a Better Nature Solutions - WE ARE OFFICIALLY A NONPROFIT

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Hi all - Better Nature Solutions (the nonprofit) is raising money via quarterly gift boxes. BNS is using the net profits from gift box sales to hire our first paid apprentice and pay for some grant-writer assistance.

The goal of BNS and our vision - to change the local horticultural/arboricultural industry in two critical ways. One, hire and train women to do this work and run these businesses because we are not well represented and have a lot to offer!

Two, our apprenticeship program ensures all employees, and future business owners are knowledgeable about soil ecology, plant biology, tree climbing, plant pathology and use that knowledge to design best practices for your yard, your healthy, and the world's health! This way we will improve how horticulture and arboriculture is done and offer our clients healthier choices (public and private clients).

Nature Matters!

As for the boxes here's what you can enjoy while also supporting BNS through the near term seasons:

BETTER NATURE'S WINTER WONDERS BOX $111 (including shipping)

  1. Winter tree ornament,

  2. Winter lotion (craft-made),

  3. holiday candle, and

  4. 10 plant labels to withstand weather and help you find your plants all year long.

Orders taken until December 14th of 2021

THE SPRING SOLSTICE BOX $90 (including shipping)

  1. professional-grade digging knife,

  2. BNS bumper sticker, and

  3. Spring seeds for wild-yard and pollinator habitats (2 oz). Spread at a rate of 13#/acre is recommended 1# = 0.06 oz and there are 43,560 sq ft in an acre.

Orders taken through May 30th of 2022

THE SUMMER BNS BOX $71 (shipping included)

  1. magic microbial mix (32 oz),

  2. craft made hand lotions, and

  3. poison ivy salve from artisan.

Orders taken through September 30th 2022.

Depending on what COVID does to our shipping system in the USA, plan 2 to 3 weeks for shipping.

For our first month or two of