Leave the Leaves!

Leave the leaves rather than blowing them off your lawn has several benefits.

  1. this is where the marvelous Luna Moth and others overwinter

  2. the leaves feed your soil community (bugs and microbes) which means your soils will be better aerated, have more nutrients for your plants when they come back in the Spring and in general be healthier all around.

  3. saves you money and time

  4. saves the city money and time

  5. increases the beauty of places lucky enough to have an Autumn

to find out more about this movement visit the Xerces Society


Worried about your lawn being suffocated by too thick of leaves? Then rake them off the lawn you want to keep and into other parts of your yard. OR, consider reducing the amount of lawn you have and increase the number of flowers, shrubs, and trees especially if they are local flora!

Luna moth pic from "thespruce.com"

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