Treat ticks mosquitoes and more with plants!!!

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

I love insects, almost all of them and my goal is to save insect biodiversity loss (which has been substantial) from overuse and misuse of insecticides. But this guy is a serious problem to the health of humans and immune-compromised pets. So...there are some great, easy, inexpensive, organic solutions - plant some plants! Specifically surround the areas you want to hang out in with the following:

1. Lavender (any and all cultivars)

2. Sage (the extra smelly ones like the red and purple salvia)

3. Citronella plant which is also called a rose-scented or just scented geranium

4. Lemon grass.

Depending on where you plant these (they all require a half day of sunlight more often then not, meaning more days of the week than not) they may survive throughout the year. All of them can be rapidly rooted in water. So, you can take some cuttings to grow in a western-facing window in the winter and viola! you have a new plant or plants the following spring.

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