Nature and Tree Care Walks with the Tree Doc - Update

Updated: May 19

Hi Friends,

Relax in the woods and find your center amidst the chaos that is our current condition. Nature can be healing to a lot of people. So, join us for some nature discovery in the Knoxville Greenways and the Cumberlands!

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Walk will occur year round. In the winter I'll teach a variety of clues to use to id trees. These clues include bud-leaf scars, bud scale shapes, color and waxiness, tree bark patterns, and even scratch-and-sniff! Winter is a great time to learn the unique architectural shapes of different species of trees and develop your mental search-image for bark patterns. Winter is also a good time to identify wood decay pathogens and/or their damage.

Walks are either short or long and a bit more challenging. They include time to meditate with guided or silent meditations.

If there are other items you'd like to learn about on these walks that is what this post is about! What do you want to know as you go for a winter walk or hike?

Please contact me with your suggestions and stay tuned for the dates and more info!

You can reach us through this website's contact page or my personal email,