Rose are Red...

Simple organic rose fertilization for any kind of soil. If you do know you have either acidic or alkaline soils, please contact me for more specific fertilization recipes. The foliar recipe works with any roses. Do apply ONLY in the early evening and on an as needed basis. This feeds the helpful microbes the roses need and that live on the surface of the rose or in the above ground leaves and stems. Yep! They have surface beneficial microbes just like we do on our skin. One of the reasons people develop some types of rashes is the skins microbial assemblage is messed-up by some change in pH.

Happy, healthy gardening!!

For soil

Mix the following in 1 gallon of water and add once to twice monthly; add once and if leaves are not turning a healthy consistent green then increase to twice per month:

· 5 C coffee grounds

· 1 C Epsom salts

Foliar fertilizer (apply early evening to avoid sunburn of leaves)

Mix the following in four cups of water with either a wisk or in a blender dedicated to making this foliar fertilizer:

· 2 tbl fish fertilizer

· 2 tbl spoons apple cider vinegar

· 1 tbl Epsom salts

· 2 tbl dried/ground kelp or

· 1 tbl liquid kelp

Please – do not apply except in the early evening to avoid possible burning of leaves and petals. Also, this fertilizer should NOT be used on vegetables unless you know the sourcing of your fish and kelp products to ensure you’re not introducing heavy metals to your edible garden plants, and thus your body.


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