Salute a Tree 2.0 - #savetheash

Oleaceae - Fraxinus profunda (Pumpkin Ash) – synonym F. tomentosa


The branch leaf scars are a crescent moon smile. After buds mature you’ll see the dark colored bud is nearly enclosed by the crescent moon.

Leaflets are 5 – 9 but I mostly see . Shape is ovate AND imparpinnate (fancy word for having an add number of leaflets with all paired but the top-most), edges smooth to slightly serrated and the fall foliage is yellow. The bark is gray-brown with smoothness that give ways to deep elongated furrows running the axis of the trunk. Does well in diverse soil types but home is wetlands.


Mature trees reach heights 60 – 80’ in urban settings and up to 140’ in natural habitats and a spread of 30 – 50’. They are excellent for rain gardens and tolerant of loam to clay soils. It’s a swamp or floodplain tree with a wide distribution and rarely encountered. Hangs out with cottonwood (Populus spp), and bald cypress (Taxodium distichum). Quite gregarious! It is only known in the USA, while other Ash trees have a pan-global (or near so) distribution.