Sycamore Dieback (Planetree Too)

Anthracnose Twig Blight hitting Sycamores and Plane Trees hard

- see why below

Typically causes minor damage to trees with four stages

1. Twig blight evident in Spring before leaf emergence killing tips of small young twigs

2. Bud blight in April and May expanding bud dies from cankers circling the

3. Shoot blight – new and immature shoots and leaves die suddenly

4. Leaf blight - crinkling and browning lf leaves

5. Lots of leaf fall (hard to distinguish from late spring frost injury

§ Favored by cool wet weather – thus weird fluctuations in cool temps with moisture during the growing season can exacerbate infection

§ Sever infection get near complete defoliation and will not kill a healthy tree unless it occurs across several years in a row.

§ Get a proliferation of new shoots around the dying ones causing a bushy appearance

Treatments Options

o Fertilizer (not just any fertilizer but specific to tree species) and extra watering

o Plant resistant cultivars – “Bloodgood”, “Columbia”, and “Liberty” (resistant does not mean they won’t get the disease but the probability is moderately less disease occurrence)

o Sterile pruning and removal of wood and leaves

o Fungicide injections using a formula that lasts three years will help the trees recover wood loss and immune system function.

All pictures from Missouri Botanical Gardens Researchers

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