The Wasp That Saved the Ash Tree (hopefully)

Updated: May 8, 2019

Here is a link to the wasp that hunts the emerald ash borer (EAB). Don't miss the video!

This is an excellent example of why proper pesticide applications matter and why having not only a certified arborist but an arborist with years of knowledge, apply the pesticides needed to save and protect your plants. For example, I choose what to apply, when, and how to help insure as little impact as possible on beneficial insects. I read about the impacts to beneficial insects including what research is being done now.

Proper pesticide application is a concern when having your house sprayed; question the provider. How much do they know about the chemicals they are using and their timing? Are you satisfied with their knowledge? You're likely paying a pretty penny and you should expect knowledge in return, not just a product.

Wasps are predators, that's how they've evolved, to use protein to feed their developing young. They are also often the target of people's fear. Unless a person is allergic the pain is fleeting and wasps would rather avoid humans. Here's a great article on the value of wasps to our economy:

I know I was a bit preachy here - please forgive me. It's a topic I am passionate about and my goals are to improve the health of your yard as well as the health of the urban habitat. It's a tiny role I play and I hope this blog makes my 'footprint' a bit larger.

Cheers and gratitude!

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