Turf Troubles

I am not a fan of massive tracts of turf. However, that doesn't mean I don't make every effort to maximize the beauty of turf for clients who counts a great lawn as one of their many life-loves.

Lawn care can be done with minimal inputs of herbicides and pesticide focusing instead on building healthy soils that will maximize grass growth. Many of the chemicals used in lawn and turf care are going to harm the shrubs and trees because:

  1. they can alter the soil pH to advantage turf but cause harm to other plants

  2. weed and feeds (I discourage these products btw) often contain herbicides that are literally going to kill the critical roots of trees and shrubs, and

  3. they kill many of the beneficial insects that eat other bugs, fungi, and bacteria, and hangout in the turf duff.

There's a lot more but brevity in blogs is probably a good thing:)

Below is a before and after picture of a lawn section that was giving a lot of issues year after year because of its location in the drainage of the yard and also because it was an area where Earth movers moved a bunch of rocky "trash" along with the soil. Adding a specialized (and secret) microbial mix of mine helped to get this lawn back on track, even this section. I was going to add another treatment (did two about 6 weeks apart) but it appears it's gotten hard to mow because it's become so thick:) What a happy problem. I may have to retreat next Spring but my goal (as it is always) is to get the project to a place where it is largely self-sustainable. Fully self-sustainable is almost impossible because of the urban setting and the climate crisis. However, getting the yard, tree, plant, garden to a place where nature takes over because it is in some relative state of balance leads to less energy and chemistry input. The result is a healthier place for everyone!

Aloways (tee hee) - thank you readers for being tolerant of my tendency for typographical errors, kind comments, and gentle editorial comments!

Before treatment and after photographs.

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