What's that chemical and is it Toxic???

BNS - unlike any other company/nonprofit in East TN (we are betting), we use a chemistry research database to learn about the known impacts of pesticides and herbicides to the living world. It's not free (though they did give our nonprofit a lovely discount) but it is certainly important information. We use this invaluable information to design our tree, soil, and plant health care protocols. This allows us to:

  1. minimize poisoning of waterways

  2. avoid exposure (clients and their neighbors) to carcinogens and neurotoxins, and

  3. employ best practices to protect birds, amphibians, and others from ecotoxins,

  4. and avoid chemistries with long-life times in the soil, plant surface, or air/water.

We don't just talk-it we Walk-IT when it comes to our motto "For peeps who love the birds and the bees."

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